Dorothy Wong

Dorothy Wong
Executive Trainer/Professional Counselor 
ICC Limited

Ms. Dorothy Wong graduated from State University of New York and went on to obtain her MBA degree from Boston University. She also has a Master of Social Science degree in Counseling from University of South Australia. And she is now candidate for a Doctorate degree in Lifelong Education run jointly by University of Nottingham and Hong Kong University. Ms. Wong holds different certificates, diploma and certified program on Coaching, Enneagram; Experiential Training; Hypnotherapy; Effective Communications; Negotiation; Time Management and Leadership trainings.

Dorothy is an outstanding speaker and corporate trainer for MNC and local corporations of different business nature. (Ex: Banks, hotels, real estate agents, insurance and finance industry, direct marketing; telecommunications; business equipment; cosmetics; supermarkets; food manufacturing; garment industries..)

She has started ICC Ltd., continued her counseling /coaching and training practice and also delivered many programs related to personal development and interpersonal relationship. such as Enneagram, Love Action, Verbal Abuse, Effective Communication, Self-esteem, Professional Image, EQ, and many custom tailored training for corporations and non-profit organizations. Dorothy has published 3 titles on interpersonal relationships and 2 titles on Enneagram.

Ms Wong has been elected as one of the Distinguished Executive Trainers in Hong Kong 2004 & 2015.